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General Comments On Searching
  • Use the 'Where to Search' box to select subsections of our website, or the entire site, as desired.
  • The search can perform partial searches; eg. if you search for "CYP8" you will see all listings for P450s whose gene names begin with CYP8 (for example CYP88A3, CYP86A1, etc.).
  • Currently all available AGI Locus numbers for the genes on our website are listed. Some pseudogenes will not have an AGI Locus Number associated with them, so it best to search for these genes using our BLAST database, or by gene name (eg. CYP705A19P).

Searching For Genes By AGI Locus Number
    To search for a gene using the AGI Locus number, simply put the Locus Number in the 'Text To Search For' box, and select either All of the Site or the specific gene family (eg. Arabidopsis P450 pages) for the 'Where To Search' box.

Simple Search created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive.
Modified for use by PlaCe by Suzanne Paquette.

CYP3A4, PDB entry 1TQN GtfB, PDB entry 1IIR NADPH P450 Reductase, PDB entry 1AM0 cytochrome b5, PDB entry 1B5M

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